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We are capable of working on several projects at the same time, always meeting all deadlines. All of our translators are certified and US based.

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Translation Services

In 1972, we opened our first office in San Francisco. It is a language center offering all language services to business, industrial, and government clients. In those days competition was minimal. Today, competition is fierce. Translation agencies are now all over the world. Most of them are good, some of them are very good, and some are excellent. This is actually good, for it has kept us on our toes. Our challenge nowadays is to highlight what separates us from the crowd.

Some major points

  • Our 51 years of experience.
  • The extra steps we take to ensure accuracy of word and intent of meaning.

Legal Translations

Translations of legal documents are frequently challenging. The English language, with the exception of French has more legal terms than most other languages. As an example, the legal word “misdemeanor” is often translated as “offence”. This may be misconstrued as less serious than the gravity of a misdemeanor. We take that extra step to suggest that the client add a footnote with a brief description of the meaning of misdemeanor.


Technical Translations

Even though a translator may be an experienced technical translator, it is highly recommended that he/she be given access to a client’s representative. Questions and need for clarifications frequently arise during a technical translation. Team work goes a long way to insure the highest standard of accuracy.


Sales & Marketing

Translating marketing materials requires more than just translation. It requires understanding the target audience, and what works or does not work when converting from one language to another. It is also important to assign translators familiar with the culture of the client’s local target audience.

When performing translations for marketing piece, we request access to someone from the client so that we can make suggestions or express opinions. Our translators need to be part of the team with the client to achieve the best result.


Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing: formatting and type setting. Some things to be considered are for example, Spanish when translated from English, expands by about 15 to 18%. This necessitates to consider whether there would be less white space bordering the text, or smaller font size. Asian languages will decrease in text space. This may leave too much white space bordering text, and text size of the characters cannot be too large. We work with the client to achieve the best results.

Graphic Design: We work with our clients to find and use the best images appropriate that represent their local target audience. We can work with the client’s graphic designer or directly with the client. We have all the most up to date software available.

Your team’s proficiency in navigating the intricacies of pronoun usage has not only facilitated clear and respectful communication but has also contributed significantly to the overall quality of our client care. In a healthcare setting like ours, where sensitivity to individual identities and preferences is paramount, your attention to detail and understanding of pronoun language nuances have truly set you apart.

We value the partnership we have with your organization and look forward to continuing to work together to ensure that language barriers are minimized, and all our patients receive the highest quality of care. Please extend our gratitude to your team for their dedication and proficiency in providing language access services that make a meaningful impact on our clinic’s operations.

– Lily Vu, LCSW

Program Manager
County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services

We have been using International Effectiveness Centers for our translation needs, and are extremely pleased with their work. They are professional, very responsive to our needs, and always on time with our deadlines. I recommend them highly.

– Beth Saiki, MPH

Director of Lung Health Programs
American Lung Association

…IEC helped my client, San Francisco Headstart, translate all their forms into Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish. San Francisco Headstart is a nonprofit educational organization that works with immigrant families. IEC was able to translate and create files for us to print. They made a tough job easy.

– Jeannie Yee

General Manager
Giant Horse Printing, Inc.

I am pleased to recommend IEC for future organizations and businesses. Not only can IEC be an asset to a company, but also provide a competitive advantage. Their work is exceptional and I continue to hear high praise from customers as well as colleagues. Magellan does not consider IEC as just a vendor, but a partner in delivering quality communications to an increasingly global marketplace.

– Erika Murray

Project Manager
Magellan Health Services

Each office that has used IEC has been very complimentary regarding your interpreters. They are professional, patient, respectful and above all are excellent interpreters. We look forward to another year of working with IEC.

– Bobbi George

General Manager
Tender Loving Care

Contra Costa Health Services has contracted the interpreter and translation services of International Effectiveness Center (IEC) for the past five years. During this period, Taryk Rouchdy, President of IEC, and his staff, have been consistently there to facilitate our need for telephonic and in person interpreters. The quality of his interpreters has been very professional. When there were any concerns raised by staff, he and his staff have been there to quickly expedite the matter.

Overall, staff at CCHS has been very satisfied with the work and working relationship that we have had with IEC for the past five years. I personally, as manager of language services for the department, have much respect for the professionalism that Taryk and his staff has conducted themselves when providing services for us. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of IEC.

– José Martin, LMFT

RHD Language Services Manager
Contra Costa Health Services
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